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brand urbanity


We create brands that impress.

At Brand Urbanity, we create influential brands for companies, products, services, and
individuals. We elevate branding beyond conventional understanding to create
powerful perceptions, audience interest, and name recognition. We help our clients
design, promote, and communicate their authentic, original brands.

What makes us different is our unique fusion of services and strategies. Our
collaborative, multi-disciplinary group of creative thinkers, strategists, idea mavens,
influencers, artists, scholars, and thought leaders approach branding as both an art and science.

Drawing from creative brand management, visual design, image consulting,
communication, integrated marketing, advertising, PR, interior design, management
consulting, organization development, executive coaching, consumer behavior, and
psychology, we’re able to create 360-degree brands that enable our clients to
transcend the competition.

Our deep levels of intellect, understanding, experience, and creativity, coupled with our broad-based expertise, enables us to design brands that permeate all aspects of our clients’ businesses, resulting in positive change throughout their organizations.


Is your brand/image aligned?

Is your brand aligned with your customers’ perception of you?

Is your image aligned with your business brand?

Your brand 
Says Everything About You 
What are you saying
 your brand?

What our
clients say

What an outstanding job Brand Urbanity is doing to help me identify and develop the brand and strategic plan for my niche marketing. Brand Urbanity is preparing me for a successful launch of my new book and my reinvented coaching company. My new marketing plan is stunning. I'm very confident that I will see outstanding results because of the thorough and professional market research that was completed.
Kitty C. Stuart
Stuart Productions
the key is consistency

How well do you know your audience?

Customers size up businesses and individuals very quickly. Within the first 30 seconds, audiences and potential clients have made powerful assumptions about credibility, integrity, competence, quality, know-how, skill, income, and trustworthiness — and that’s the short list. We work with businesses and professional individuals that want to manage their brand perceptions strategically and effectively.

Every business – and every professional – must have a strong, influential brand. The two are not exclusive: one’s personal brand is equally important as the business brand. Together, these identities create powerful messages and unique differentiators that cause customers to choose your brand over the competition. The key is consistency. Both personal and organizational branding must be fully aligned and integrated so that when customers encounter you, your employees, and your company, their perceptions are seamless and positively reinforced at every turn. Many of our clients find value in developing their business and personal brands concurrently.

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